Taming the Beast: Can We Bridle the Culture of Corruption?

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A highly original book that combines humor, imaginative narratives, and fresh, newly-mined explorations of biblical teaching, Taming the Beast: Can We Bridle the Culture of Corruption? answers 12 questions that every social activist, anti-corruption campaigner, religious leader, businessman, and bureaucrat needs to know about conquering one of the great menaces of our time: the culture of corruption.  

Written with a global audience in mind, the book is designed to spark new conversations about corruption, whether in study groups, university classrooms, in public fora, in the media, business boardrooms, and the offices of government ministers.  Each of the 12 chapters ends with a chapter summary, short study guide, and endnotes.  A multi-page appendix offers the latest ideas for taming and tackling corruption. 

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