Politics After the Fall: Christianity and Political Life in the Nations

New Course Offered by Wilberforce Academy Spring 2 014

Can we transcend partisanship and bitterness in politics?

Is maximizing our personal freedom the essence of political life?

Come investigate how Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, G. K. Chesterton, Abraham Kuyper, C.S. Lewis, Os Guinness, and others have crafted a vision of public life that is realistic enough to contain moral evil and yet lofty enough to propel us toward a Kingdom vision for peace and justice. This course on a Christian vision for public affairs is co-sponsored by Wilberforce Academy and MacLaurinCSF. We’ll meet every Tuesday night from January 21 to April 29 (except March 18) at the MacLaurinCSF House, 1337 Cleveland Ave across from the University of Minnesota St Paul campus.

Registration is limited to eight students. International students and visiting scholars are especially encouraged to apply, because the course is uniquely designed for those from other societies, though it will be accessible to American students as well. Registration for this seminar-style course is free, but students will need to buy or borrow the required texts. If you want more information about how to earn independent study credit at the University of Minnesota or any other course information, please contact Dr. Robert Osburn, the course instructor, for further information:

651-402-2600 or osbu0001@umn.edu.