Animating the Academy’s vision and mission are some central guiding commitment, or priorities.  These values, as they are often called, are non-negotiables that provide an overall framework within which our work is undertaken.  

Centrality of a Christian worldview
We believe that the work of bringing transformational change to societies will succeed to the degree that people in those societies embrace a Christian perspective on all that they do and say.  The compelling truth, clarity, and power of a Christian perspective is best seen when we can compare and contrast the Christian worldview with the eleven other major worldviews that shape human society.

It’s one thing to develop change agents who face and solve great challenges, but it’s a completely different thing to envision solutions to social problems that are framed by a love for Jesus Christ.  We believe that love for Him simply cannot be divorced from love for our neighbors, especially those most vulnerable (Matthew 25), and so we endeavor to help our trainees develop solutions that honor Christ.  When they most honor Him, they help humanize their neighbors’ lives.

Importance of international students 
We celebrate the ongoing efforts of these who invite international students to consider the remarkable claims of Jesus Christ to be the God-Man who gave His life as our Savior from sin and its terrible effects.  But, we do not stop there.  We also believe that international students can be empowered to envision Christian solutions to problems in their societies and their workplaces.  We help prepare them to make a distinctly Christian difference in the affairs of their nations as well as their churches. 

Discipling nations
Traditionally, the unit of Christian discipleship has been the individual.  While only individuals can be discipled (Matthew 28:19), we also believe that, because Jesus is Lord over all reality, He wants to be acknowledged in the affairs of nations.  Thus, we encourage our mentees and other trainees to envision themselves as Christian nation-builders who, while eschewing the old politics of dominance and control, nevertheless seek to be a force for good in the culture and politics of their societies that long for God’s healing (Revelation 22:2).  Our membership in Disciple Nations Alliance helps substantiate this commitment.

Integrity and transparency
The work of redemptive change agents cannot be separated from their character, and to the degree that their character conforms with that of Jesus Christ is the degree to which their work merits acclaim, whether or not it achieves success.  Just as Christianity rises and falls according to the question of whether it is true to reality as it is, so also redemptive change agents must pursue integrity and transparency in all their affairs, absolutely resisting the calls to corruption that surround them.

Loyalty over the long-term
Wilberforce Academy believes that the relationships formed with its mentees are meant to be pursued for the long-term, both as an affirmation that our program is more than just a program and that success and effectiveness as redemptive change agents takes time.  We are committed to long-term, loyal relationships and support for our mentees, and frequently visit them to offer advice and support.


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  • Cultural mandate in Genesis: wisely managing creation while also developing its cultural capacities to promote human flourishing (1:26, 28 and 2:15)

  • By virtue of their creation in God’s image, humans possess creative, productive, responsible, moral, rational, social, and believing capacities by which they love God and neighbors as they fulfill the cultural mandate

  • Sin not only earns God’s judgment (Romans 1) for our failure to keep the cultural mandate, but it also diminishes and distorts human capacities so that we fail to love God and neighbors (Genesis 3). Sin also has the secondary effect of frustrating the rest of God’s creation (Romans 8:20, 22).

  • In order to win back the allegiance of a rebellious human race, God forms the nation of Israel to be a model nation that blesses the nations of the world by showing them how to organize their affairs and how to live in service to the Creator (Genesis 12; Isaiah 60).

  • God offers His Son, Jesus Christ, not only as a sacrifice for human sin, but also to lead the nations forward into God’s merciful kingdom where God is glorified while humans flourish (Matthew 28:19-20).

  • The followers, or disciples of Jesus Christ, are renewed in the image of God by the Holy Spirit so that they can once again fulfill God’s cultural mandate, however imperfectly (II Cor. 3:18).

  • The church, composed of Jesus’ followers, is God’s new model nation whereby the nations come to know God’s wisdom for organizing their affairs and promoting human flourishing (Eph 3:10).

  • When Jesus Christ returns to establish His kingdom, He will perfectly heal and restore the nations while also exposing the deception of Satan (Revelation 20-22).