Developing Redemptive Change Agents


Have you ever thought about how amazing it would feel to see international students and scholars return to their home cultures and affect real change in the society around them?

  • You did the work of discipleship and they went home to walk in honesty instead of corruption when they got that government job.

  • You walked with them in learning what it means to use their gifts to honor Christ and they opened a school for impoverished children.

  • You prayed with them about how God could provide a platform for ministry and they opened a business that employed those seen as “least” in their home society.

This summer, we want to invite you as a campus minister or university associate to try something new in discipling internationals, with our Redemptive Change Agents study.

Whatever your official (or unofficial) relationship to the internationals in your community, the Multiplying Redemptive Change Agents program can help you empower internationals to create change in their home societies. Based on the lives of William Wilberforce and the Clapham Circle, this five-part lesson series gives you a framework for walking internationals through becoming a redemptive change agent.

Ready to see your discipleship result in actual, tangible change? The process looks like this:

  1. Request admission to the program

  2. Watch an introductory video and become familiar with the materials

  3. Meet with two or more students for five study sessions

  4. Help students plan a small-scale, achievable venture to address a real-world problem

  5. Fill out an evaluation form and receive a $200 stipend on completion.*


Please contact us soon, as we hope to complete the pilot run of this program by August 31st! You can get more information on our FAQ page or by emailing program assistant Jill Boehrs.



Dr. Robert Osburn

Not only have I gained new knowledge and insight on influencing crucial societal issues, but [I’ve] also been challenged to grow in my character as an effective redemptive change agent in my country.
— Central Asian Wilberforce Mentee

*Stipend available to those who complete the program with at least two internationals and fill out an evaluation form.