Suffering and Conflict in the Lives of Redemptive Change Agents

October 19-21, 2017 (St Paul, MN)


Special Note: There will be a free public session at 7 pm on Friday night, October 20, at which Bob Osburn will speak on his “Five Part Cultural Transformation Model for Redemptive Change Agents.”

Emergency contact information: 651-402-1838 or 612-836-8306


Jesus reminded His followers, who He was training as disciples, that they would have trouble in the world.  Persecution will multiply, misunderstandings will mushroom, pain will arise when we least need it, and those we love dearest may betray us.  "Take heart!" Jesus says, "I have overcome the world!" (John 16:33).  

  • How can we develop the confidence of an overcomer?
  • Why does the promotion of redemptive change provoke opposition?
  • How have others responded to suffering and attacks?
  • How does Jesus cultivate in us a resilient, perseverant spirit that never gives up?
  • What practical skills can we develop in order to become more effective redemptive change agents in the face of opposition?

Criteria for Admission

This is an invitation-only program designed to convene Wilberforce Academy Fellows and other program participants from around the world for the purpose of enhancing their capacities as Christ-animated redemptive change agents.  We will do this by:

  1. Offering eight supplemental training sessions that will augment their existing body of knowledge as redemptive change agents
  2.  Helping them to identify each other as peer resources as redemptive change agents.
  3. Providing  free or low cost resources (books, CDs, etc.)


There is no charge to participate in this invitation-only conference, that will also include breakfasts and lunches.  For those attending the pubic session on Friday evening, a free-will offering will be taken.

Laptop tests

As in 2015, the Academy will provide personnel who will undertake free diagnostic checks and make simple upgrades and improvements to attendees' laptops (Apple products only).  This service is exclusively provided to international-background participants in Wilberforce Academy programs.


Knox International Center
1536 W. Minnehaha Ave, St Paul
(One block south of the Hamline University campus. See map.)


Carefully review these options, since the only off-street parking is found in the small lot behind the building. All street parking is FREE.

  1. Do NOT park in the library lot next to the building
  2. Park on Asbury Street (north-south)
  3. Park on Van Buren Street (east-west street just south of the building)
  4. Transit Option #1: Use Rapid Bus A that runs up and down Snelling (get off at Snelling and Minnehaha, one block west of Knox Center)
  5. Transit Option #2: Take the Green Line (light rail) down University Ave and either connect to Rapid Bus A on Snelling and go north eight blocks to Minnehaha stop or simply walk the eight blocks north to the Knox Center
  6. Note:  Knox Intl. Center may not come up on your mobile map application.  In that case, use the address 1536 West Minnehaha Ave., St Paul.

Topics to be Addressed at the Summit

  • Cross-cultural conflict and resolution
  • Political conflict at the state and local level
  • Personal temptation (including corruption)
  • Marriage and family conflict
  • Conflict resolution and peacemaking
  • Spiritual warfare and spiritual disciplines
  • Public speaking and presentation skills, especially with hostile audience
  • Cultural transformation model
  • Team-building

For more information: Waihon Liew (click)  Call 612-836-8306