Networking with Key Allies and Resources


Wilberforce Academy Fellows not only benefit from customized mentoring, courses and conferences, virtual resourcing, and (selective) on-site consultations when they return home, but they also benefit from the Academy’s competence as a networking organization.  As such, networking is a key component of a Kingdom-based strategy that recognizes that different parts of the Body of Christ have competencies that can strengthen those lacking them (I Corinthians 12-14).

Not only are Academy Fellows networked with each other, but they are also networked with community members, academics, professionals, and political leaders who can help them achieve their goals as redemptive change agents.  Here are some examples of networking that has occurred in and through the Academy’s Fellows program:

  • A Fellow from Togo serves on the advisory board of the redemptive change organization founded by a Fellow from Congo
  • A Fellow from Ukraine was linked to former Minnesota Governor Al Quie for the purposes of instructing some of the Fellow’s students who had come from her home country for special training.
  • A Fellow from Zimbabwe was networked with several local professionals who serve on the US advisory board for his Zimbabwean redemptive change organization
  • A Fellow from Haiti was linked with the leadership of Disciple Nations Alliance, an organization with which the Academy partners in order to advance the vision of discipling nations.
  • A Fellow from China was linked with academicians and community members who want to assist him in his vision to reach out to other international students