Multiplying Redemptive Change Agents

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What is Multiplying Redemptive Change Agents?

We want to help you train international students and scholars to return to their home countries as redemptive change agents; that is, that they return home and real change their societies.

To that end, we’ve developed a five lesson program that gives you a framework for walking internationals through becoming a redemptive change agent.


What is a redemptive change agent?

A redemptive change agent creatively, courageously, intelligently, and skillfully applies a Christian worldview to the challenges and problems facing their home societies and workplaces.

Following are just a few ways we’ve seen individuals catch the vision and become change agents:

  • Opening a Christian school in a low-income region of their nation

  • Choosing to refuse to take part in corruption at their workplace

  • Working to improve literacy for girls in impoverished regions

  • Creating a Christian Education curriculum for churches to use with their children


What are my next steps?

  • International students or visiting scholars click here.

  • Campus ministers, faculty members, or community members who are interested using our 5-week program check out our Change Agents Study FAQ page.

  • Ready to apply? Click here!


If I have further questions, who may I contact?

More questions? Contact the Academy’s program assistant Jill Boehrs.

It has been a tremendous privilege to be associated with Wilberforce Academy...Not only have I gained new knowledge and insight on influencing crucial societal issues, but [I have] also been challenged to grow in my character as an effective redemptive change agent in my country.
— Central Asian Leader, Masters in Public Policy