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Mission and Vision 

The mission of the Wilberforce Academy is to train college-age students to be redemptive change agents in their home societies. As these students graciously bring the truth of a Christian worldview to bear on the deepest needs of their societies, they will foster human flourishing in their societies as well as serve God as He builds His kingdom in their midst.

Today, America’s colleges and universities are flooded with over 19 million students, mostly in their 20s, many yearning to transcend the cynicism of our day, many ready to give their lives to God’s call to bring the healing, redemptive power of the Gospel of Christ into culture, politics, and economics. In particular, over 750,000 international students and scholars, many the crème de la crème of their societies, study in America and most will return home.

Will we send them back home with a vision that transcends career and cronies? Will we train these students, internationals and Americans, for lives of Christ-animated servant leadership deeply anchored in a Christian worldview and equipped to apply the Gospel to their vocational callings and to the needs of their societies?

The Wilberforce Academy aims to complement the valiant evangelistic and discipling efforts of campus ministries and churches by offering advanced discipleship in building societies God’s way. Wilberforce Academy programs will not require students to re-locate for our training; rather, we will train those who will in turn train students while they pursue their studies in an institution of higher learning.