Guiding Principles

The vision and practice of the Wilberforce Academy is distinctively and purposefully grounded in historic Christian thought, especially as summarized, historically, in the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds and, globally, in the Statement of Faith of the World Evangelical Fellowship.

Other guiding principles include:

• Creation-Fall-Redemption framework
• Necessity of a Christian worldview for fostering societal healing and restoration
• Serving God as He blesses, disciples and heals nations
• Christian vision for nation-building
• Role of local churches in community development
• Worldview emphasis complemented by practical skills development
• Teaching trainers to train students
• Utilize existing best practices and materials
• Cross-cultural adaptation
• Strategic partnerships
• Particular though not exclusive focus on international students and scholars


(click here for our Statement of Faith)

  • Cultural mandate in Genesis: wisely managing creation while also developing its cultural capacities to promote human flourishing (1:26, 28 and 2:15)
  • By virtue of their creation in God’s image, humans possess creative, productive, responsible, moral, rational, social, and believing capacities by which they love God and neighbors as they fulfill the cultural mandate
  • Sin not only earns God’s judgment (Romans 1) for our failure to keep the cultural mandate, but it also diminishes and distorts human capacities so that we fail to love God and neighbors (Genesis 3). Sin also has the secondary effect of frustrating the rest of God’s creation (Romans 8:20, 22).
  • In order to win back the allegiance of a rebellious human race, God forms the nation of Israel to be a model nation that blesses the nations of the world by showing them how to organize their affairs and how to live in service to the Creator (Genesis 12; Isaiah 60).
  • God offers His Son, Jesus Christ, not only as a sacrifice for human sin, but also to lead the nations forward into God’s merciful kingdom where God is glorified while humans flourish (Matthew 28:19-20).
  • The followers, or disciples of Jesus Christ, are renewed in the image of God by the Holy Spirit so that they can once again fulfill God’s cultural mandate, however imperfectly (II Cor. 3:18).
  • The church, composed of Jesus’ followers, is God’s new model nation whereby the nations come to know God’s wisdom for organizing their affairs and promoting human flourishing (Eph 3:10).
  • When Jesus Christ returns to establish His kingdom, He will perfectly heal and restore the nations while also exposing the deception of Satan (Revelation 20-22).