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We need your financial support!

The Wilberforce Academy is a 501(c)(3) charity registered in the State of Minnesota. Most of our income depends upon gifts from friends and others who believe in our vision of training college students to be redemptive change agents in their home societies.

You may give in any of the following ways, and know that your gift will be receipted within seven days:


Donate Now


Make your check to “ Wilberforce Academy ” and mail to:

Wilberforce Academy PO Box 130551 St Paul MN 55113

  • Matching Gifts

  • Many employers will match employee gifts to 501(c)(3) organizations.

  • Other Ways to Support

Use Giving Assistant to save money and support Wilberforce Academy

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Wilberforce Academy

Contact us at

bob@wilberforceacademy.org and we will help you find out if your company will match a gift to our organization.

What your gift will help us do:

  • Mentor more Wilberforce Academy Fellows from around the world.

  • Develop articles and books that articulate the Christ-honoring call to be engaged redemptively in human affairs.

  • Speak to groups of international students and others around the world.

  • Strengthen our training program and activities, especially as we launched, in 2018, our expansion program to other campuses: Multiplying Redemptive Change Agents.

  • Improve the follow-up and support for mentees who have returned home to undertake redemptive projects. In 2019 this includes not only two international trips to visit mentees, but especially our 2019 Global Summit (October 17-20).