Christ Bridles the Culture of Corruption


This annual 24-hour retreat brings international students and visiting scholars around a simple, yet thoughtful desire to see God bring the culture of corruption, found in so many of our societies, to its knees. Participation, which includes overnight housing in a Minneapolis-area home as well as three meals (Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, and Saturday lunch), is underwritten by generous donors. Participants are, however, asked to purchase a copy of Taming the Beast: Can We Bridle the Culture of Corruption? on Electric copies are $3, and printed copies are $13 each.

2019 retreat dates: January 11-12.

Retreat location: To be determined


  • Friday evening (6 pm): Dinner, introductions, stories of corruption back home, and watch Russian film Leviathan (English subtitles)

  • Saturday morning: Breakfast, Bible study

  • Saturday afternoon: Lunch, small group project planing to tackle a specific problem involving corruption

  • Concludes 5:30 pm

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