Course Description (Spring 2018)

14-session course that helps you discover the assumptions behind the 12 major worldviews that cause either human frustration or human flourishing across the globe.  Also, learn why a Christian worldview exposes the failures of the other worldviews and offers great redemptive hope centered on Jesus Christ. Preview the course syllabus.

Please Note: Class meets 9:00 am to 10:00 am Central Time on Mondays .We "meet" via Google+ Hangout. Classes begin January 22, 2018 and conclude on April 23, 2018. If you cannot make every class session, each class session is video recorded and posted online within three days after the class session.

New for Spring 2018

In lieu of the regular course assignment to do a 10-minute evaluation of a worldview, enrollees may select a five-minute or less video (or film excerpt) that demonstrates how a particular worldview influences popular media.

Course Goals

  1. Understand how the concept of "worldview" relates to the search for truth 
  2. Learn the four major functions of worldviews
  3. Learn a four-step method to analyze and assess worldviews
  4. Learn how the 12 major worldviews answer the nine major questions that most people ask
  5. Discover the relationship between worldviews and cultural outcomes
  6. Discover how to introduce the Gospel of Jesus Christ with your international & domestic neighbors
  7. Provide reproducible resources (including course slides) that students can use with others

The difference this Course Will Make

  • Increases competence when discussing religions and philosophies with students and others
  • Develop skills in apologetics and discipleship
  • Ready-made materials for international or domestic Bible studies
  • Provides highly useful background knowledge for everyone, especially those involved in intercultural ministry and ministry with domestic students from widely varying backgrounds 
  • Complete set of course materials can be used for instructing students and others on the different philosophies and religions that shape life in the 21st century

What are the Technical Requirements?

  • Mac OSX or PC with Windows Vista or Newer
  • Internet Connection
  • External or built-in web camera
  • Google+ Account

Upon completion of the course, you will receive:

  • Set of 14 slide presentations (PowerPoint)
  • Set of 14 one-page study guides
  • Supplementary Notes for Comparative Worldviews Course
  • Comparative Worldviews Survey tool
  • Comparative Worldviews Code sheet
  • Comparative Worldviews Chart
  • Blanket permission to reproduce these materials with your students 

target audience

  • Campus ministers and others who want to learn how to represent Jesus Christ in a pluralistic world
  • Others engaged in cross-cultural witness
  • Students in colleges, universities, and seminaries who want to better understand their worldview and others’
  • Home schooled students and instructors

Fee Structure

Course fee: $99

  • Includes all the materials mentioned
  • No required textbook
  • Refunds are capped at 50% and are available through February 1, 2018.

Instructor Bio

Bob Osburn has a PhD in international education (University of Minnesota, 2005) where he also is a lecturer in the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development. In 1978 he earned his ThM in Christian education at Dallas Theological Seminary. He has spent 32 years working in international student and academic ministry at the University of Minnesota, and successfully launched the 1998 World View for World Healing Conference that promoted the vision for international students engaging the deepest needs of their societies on the basis of a Christian worldview.  He carries on that vision under the auspices of the Wilberforce Academy.  He has been married to Susan for over 40 years, and is the father of four sons. View Robert Osburn’s Curriculum Vitae or email Bob here.