Redemptive Change Agents Study FAQ


The Program

What is the process, in a nutshell?

Ready to see your discipleship result in actual, tangible change? The process looks like this:

  • Request admission to the program (by replying to this email)

  • Watch an introductory video and become familiar with the materials

  • Meet with two or more students for five study sessions

  • Guide students as they plan a small-scale, achievable venture to address a real-world problem

  • Fill out an evaluation form and receive a $200 stipend on completion.*

What is the format of the study?

You will meet with two or more international students or scholars five times over the summer or current semester. During this time:

  • You will facilitate a five-lesson study using the book Creating the Better Hour: Lessons From the Life of William Wilberforce, as well as reading selected passages of scripture.

  • For each of these chapters, our study guide will direct you in discussing the content as well as guiding participants towards seeing themselves as change agents in society.

  • Participants in the study will create and implement a “mini-redemptive project” that will help them put what they are learning into practical application.

There will be no charge for the materials, as they have been underwritten by generous donors who hope to empower international students and scholars in becoming change agents.

What is a “redemptive change agent”?

Redemptive change agents are individuals who develop Christ-honoring solutions for under-employment, poverty, lack of education, violence, sex trafficking, corruption and other areas of brokenness in society.

These solutions can be small-scale, like leading discussion groups and writing to politicians or larger scale, such as opening businesses that employ under-employed populations, creating education initiatives, or creating training programs for those whose lack of education prevents them from rising out of poverty.


Who is this program for?

This program is for any campus ministers, university faculty or staff, or other community members who are followers of Christ and want to empower international students or scholars to effect societal change in their home countries.

Do I have to be part of certain denomination to take part?

Nope. As long as you subscribe to the basic beliefs of Christianity and feel comfortable with our Statement of Faith, we welcome your involvement.

What if the students/scholars I know don’t seem convinced that they have time for or are called to be redemptive change agents?

There is nothing quite so powerful as a good (true) story to impact how we think about the truly meaningful issues in life. We encourage you to invite students you think might be good candidates for the study to your home to watch “Amazing Grace,” the movie about William Wilberforce.

  • After the movie discuss what things led Wilberforce to believe he could and should address the issue of slavery.

  • Ask them if they are aware of any “common people” who have made an impact on society.

  • Ask if they are aware of any smaller but still important way that individuals can impact society.

  • Gather some stories of individuals from a variety of cultures who have made an impact on their society. (Feel free to read through some of the older newsletters on this site for simple examples.)

  • Ask if any of them would be interested in committing to learning more about how to impact their home societies.

Can non-Christians attend the study?

Yes! In fact we had one individual who was very open about her lack of faith but she herself was impacted by the materials in this study.


Are there additional opportunities for mentoring and growth after the study?

Yes! We invite those who complete the study to take part in any Wilberforce Academy activities that they believe would help them better minister or better fulfill their role as a redemptive change agent. Some of the activities include:

  • Attending our biennial Global Summit, where those seeking to be redemptive change agents come together for deeper teaching and to exchange ideas.

  • Additional Wilberforce summits and conferences as the opportunities arise.

  • Returnee follow-up. For those who are interested in truly making change when they return home, they can join the Wilberforce Academy network and connect with other returnees as well as receive mentoring visits from Wilberforce mentors in their home country, when possible.

  • Future webinars and other training opportunities for campus ministers.



If I have further questions, who may I contact?

Contact the Academy’s program assistant Jill Boehrs.

To see our brochure, click here.

How do I apply?

Contact the Academy’s program assistant Jill Boehrs.

I love how you allow others to think critically and practically for themselves on how to solve problems of corruption in our country.
— Amanda, South African Seminar Attendee

*Stipend available to those who complete the program with at least two internationals and fill out an evaluation form.