Kisongo Mbeleulu: Redemptive Change Agent for Eastern Congo

Our good friends at William Carey International University, founded by the late Dr. Ralph Winter, recently carried an article about the work of Wilberforce Academy on their website.  One of our earliest and oldest mentees, Kisongo Mbeleulu of Congo, is highlighted, in particular because he has recently graduated with his Masters degree from WCIU.

Poor Atlas

Longtime friend Dr. Christian Overman hosts and writes for the Worldview Matters blogsite.  He always has fascinating short video clips and articles that, together, make the compelling case that how we see reality has far more consequences than we ever imagined.

Recently, he invited the Academy's founder Dr Bob Osburn to write about the work and ministry of Wilberforce Academy.   Read "Poor Atlas" to learn more about how we can leverage the future of the nations through international students dedicated to Jesus Christ and trained to apply a Christian worldview to social challenges.

Why the Incarnation Makes All the Difference

At Christmas, at least in the West, we are swollen with pleasant sentiment: gifts, lights, and music. We might, therefore, miss one of the most important questions that humans should consider in a world blasted and bewildered by terrorism, mistrust, and inequality: “Is the Incarnation the key to human flourishing?”  

The Whole Is Less Than the Sum of the Parts

I am often stumped by a paradox of academic life: Individually, most academics are very pleasant, engaging, thoughtful people that I’d want for neighbors.  However, when academics act institutionally, that is, on behalf of some academic entity—say a whole school, department, or faculty committee—then something, or someone else, seems to emerge from some ideological, disciplinary, or personality-driven underworld.