Finding Good People on the Other Side of the Ideological Fence

Ever since the 1960s when confident, brassy Baby Boomers rejected what I often call the Christian cultural consensus, we have been struggling to find what unites Americans.  Sports?  Ephemeral and fleeting. Freedom?  A treasured ideal twisted into a license to speed past all the traditional sexual stop signs. Flag?  A valuable symbol that, apart from our armed forces, inspires far less sacrifice than it ought. It seems as if we are so brittle that we break into cultural and political ice floes, our separate groups adrift on rolling, turbulent seas.

Engaging Muslims: Speaking the Truth in Love

President Obama declares terror the enemy, not Islam.  As the US president, he may be strategically avoiding the obvious truth that Islam is the central cause of terror in the 21st century.  Christians who engage our Muslim neighbors have only one strategic orientation: Speaking the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15). 

Another Jonathan and David Story

With the US Supreme Court’s October 6, 2014 decision not to challenge lower courts’ legitimization of gay marriage, it is easy to forget that the gay marriage tidal wave was started by a cultural earthquake many years in the making.  That is to say, cultural forces, institutions, and conversations---most of them nurtured by those almost completely outside the orbit of orthodox Christianity--- laid the groundwork for a vast social experiment deeply at odds with historic Christian thought. What follows is the report of an event at the University of Minnesota in October 2012 that occurred just before the tidal wave began its tumultuous sweep across the American social landscape.