A Lament for Our Degradation

Why did I feel such revulsion when our American president uttered a profane description of nations in Africa (and the nation of Haiti)?  First, I work with international students from around the world, and I do not want to unnecessarily offend them.  Secondly, I am deeply concerned that our president is degrading the American people, and especially members of his political party as well as his core support base (evangelicals) in ways previously unimaginable and tragic.

An Open Letter to My International Student Friends

Over the past 30 years, thousands of international students and visiting scholars like you have brightened our lives and challenged our thinking. Some of you have become followers of Jesus Christ, others not, but all of you agree that the exhilarating freedom to choose whom and what to believe is one of America’s great virtues.  I am sorry to tell that this freedom, which you so richly and justifiably cherish, is now at risk.