Will Venezuela's Crisis Influence Zimbabwe's Future?

Citizens of Zimbabwe (southern Africa) and Venezuela (northern South America), once known as successful, thriving countries, are starving. And now, in early 2019, the populations of both have reached the boiling point, frustrated by authoritarian dictatorships that recklessly assault those protesting incompetent corrupt, and brutal leadership. In the past several weeks, as dozens have died at the hands of the militaries in both countries, Venezuela’s crisis has reached a tipping point that may have great significance for the future of Zimbabwe as well.

The Presidency to the Rescue: How America Begins the Downward Spiral into Tyranny


Our friends at Minneapolis-based Intellectual Takeout have just published Bob Osburn's latest blog, which explores a scenario rarely if ever discussed these days: The beginning of America's slide into tyranny (which is no foregone conclusion, by any means) will begin with the Social Security trust fund crisis that will explode into prominence no later than 2028, ten years from now.  Dr. Osburn suggests that Congressional inaction and polarization will make the US president (whomever that is at the time) a hero.  And why? For acting as an autocrat who, by executive or emergency decree, will solve the problem and thus rescue America from a mortal policy crisis while creating a tyrannical presidency.  What do you think about this scenario? Will the five-step program (that Dr. Osburn designed and recommends) help avert this outcome?