Who Are We Sending Back Home? The Difference Wilberforce Academy Makes

It’s time for me to tell you how Wilberforce Academy is helping prepare them as Christian nation-builders, to use a term that my friend Vishal Mangalwadi has often used. To explain how we do it, I must first highlight the 21stacademic backdrop: Our academic institutions are graduating cynical secular postmodernists, on the one hand, and, inadvertently and indirectly, fueling radical Islamism, on the other (as I suggest when I address the case of Sayd Qutb below).  At the Wilberforce Academy, by contrast, we believe God wants us to help shape men and women filled with hope, skills, and commitment for redemptive change because they follow Jesus Christ.

While Trying to Keep Terrorists Out, We're Breeding the Problem Within

Regardless of what you think about President Trump’s travel ban (suspended, thanks to multiple judges, as of February 9, 2017), we should all admit that there is something very good about a president trying to protect his people. My real concern is that almost everyone is overlooking the real elephant in the room: The vast majority of Islamic radicals in the USA are being radicalized after they come to the USA. 

Engaging Muslims: Speaking the Truth in Love

President Obama declares terror the enemy, not Islam.  As the US president, he may be strategically avoiding the obvious truth that Islam is the central cause of terror in the 21st century.  Christians who engage our Muslim neighbors have only one strategic orientation: Speaking the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15). 

Nihilism and Foreign Fighters

Today, I want to explore how pervasive nihilism, which is a product of education that insists all we can discuss are material causes and realities, is linked to the rise of foreign fighters like ISIS (also know as ISIL) in Iraq and Syria (a subject I also hinted at in my first blog post on January 3, 2014). 

Christianity, Nihilism & Islam

© 2014 Bob Osburn
A friend in Indonesia reported that, morally and spiritually, the nation is rotting.  I responded by saying that Western modernization/globalization, which is really a material bastardization of Christianity, has spread like gangrene into much of the world including Indonesia.  It offers economic development, which is surely worth celebrating, but cannot offer meaning. The result, which is all too prevalent in the West, is nihilism, for which the only true answer is Christ, but for which the deceptive alternative is radical Islam.  The latter appeals to nihilists who expect meaning in the final, bloody exit of terror. 

As you can see, I believe that modernization/globalization is, one way or the other, a significant breeding ground for both nihilism and jihadism.  We have to work on the main institution that serves the breeding ground---the modern university.  Thus, I advocate a strong and consistent effort to see that people like you successfully get PhDs and return to the institution as professors who dare to advocate an alternative worldview and are willing to engage other worldviews in the pluralistic university (which, in turn, must replace what we have now, the secular university).  Christian academics must know their job is to advocate the humanization of an institution which has lost its humanity because it has become naturalistic and thus secular.