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 Advanced Christian Leadership Training for International and American Students

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Customized Personal and Peer Mentoring

After discovering both the felt and underlying needs of potential mentees, we teach and demonstrate how to apply biblical and Christian thoughts to those needs so that they can effectively a Christian worldview to social and workplace challenges. We provide peer mentoring as well, through monthly meetings and activities with our Wilberforce Academy Fellows.

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Cutting Edge Program Events 

  We offer retreats and conferences that attempt to answer the question of how Christians can impact various social spheres by skillfully, creatively, courageously, and intelligently applying a Christian perspective to pressing needs in society and the workplace. We also provide training and support in planning a redemptive project where Fellows gain project  development and management skills. 




Note the new article by Dr. Osburn Good News for the Naked Public University posted on the First Things website on October 21, 2014


Recent events have shocked us all. With the Middle East continuing to degenerate into chaos, human depravity in the shape of ruthless terrorists, and human misery in the shape of desperate refugees, are spreading further and further abroad, and the Western world is reeling under the challenge. What should be clear by now is that military solutions or political solutions can take us only so far – what we are dealing with appears to go much deeper.


Wilberforce Academy Fellows Global Summit October 15-16, 2015 (Venue: To be determined).  This invitation-only event is for Wilberforce Academy Fellows and other mentees who seek to bring Christ-animated redemptive change in their home societies and workplaces.