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 Advanced Christian Leadership Training for International and American Students

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Customized Personal and Peer Mentoring

After discovering both the felt and underlying needs of potential mentees, we teach and demonstrate how to apply biblical and Christian thoughts to those needs so that they can effectively apply a Christian worldview to social and workplace challenges. We provide peer mentoring as well, through monthly meetings and activities with our Wilberforce Academy Fellows.

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Cutting Edge Program Events 

  We offer retreats and conferences that attempt to answer the question of how Christians can impact various social spheres by skillfully, creatively, courageously, and intelligently applying a Christian perspective to pressing needs in society and the workplace. We also provide training and support in planning a redemptive project where Fellows gain project  development and management skills. 



Ever since the 1960s when confident, brassy Baby Boomers rejected what I often call the Christian cultural consensus, we have been struggling to find what unites Americans.  Sports?  Ephemeral and fleeting. Freedom?  A treasured ideal twisted into a license to speed past all the traditional sexual stop signs. Flag?  A valuable symbol that, apart from our armed forces, inspires far less sacrifice than it ought. It seems as if we are so brittle that we break into cultural and political ice floes, our separate groups adrift on rolling, turbulent seas.

Rather than meaningless slugs whose only satisfactions are power, prestige, sex, and drugs, every one of us are invested with a two-fold purpose: 1) Wisely steward the natural resources God has given us in the first place; and 2) Apply God-given rationality and creativity in order to create, out of those natural resources, new products and services that can further enhance God’s glory and ensure human flourishing.


Year-end fundraising campaign goal (through December 31, 2017): 28,077

Christ Conquers the Culture of Corruption Retreat

  • January 5-6, 2018 (6 pm on the 5th to 7 pm on the 6th)
  • Bloomington, MN (Minneapolis suburb)
  • Dialogue on the problem of corruption and develop strategies for effectively bridling it
  • No charge for conference, housing, or four meals that are provided
  • Limit: 10 international students or visiting scholars
  • Requirement: Purchase and read the book Taming the Beast: Can We Bridle the Culture of Corruption prior to the retreat
  • Contact Dr. Bob Osburn to reserve your place: bob@wilberforceacademy.org

Comparative Worldviews course (Spring 2018 registration now open)

  • Meets online (Platform: Google Hangout)
  • Section One: Mondays at 9 am Central
  • January 22 through April 23, 2018
  • Register now here

Comparative Worldviews course (Fall 2017)

  • Meets online (Platform: Google Hangout)
  • Section One: Mondays at 9 am Central
  • September 18 through December 19, 2017
  • On-going.  Full class.