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 Advanced Christian Leadership Training for International and American Students

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Customized Personal and Peer Mentoring

After discovering both the felt and underlying needs of potential mentees, we teach and demonstrate how to apply biblical and Christian thoughts to those needs so that they can effectively apply a Christian worldview to social and workplace challenges. We provide peer mentoring as well, through monthly meetings and activities with our Wilberforce Academy Fellows.

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Cutting Edge Program Events 

  We offer retreats and conferences that attempt to answer the question of how Christians can impact various social spheres by skillfully, creatively, courageously, and intelligently applying a Christian perspective to pressing needs in society and the workplace. We also provide training and support in planning a redemptive project where Fellows gain project  development and management skills. 



Worldwide, Christians are the single most persecuted religious group worldwide.  This fact was confirmed by a Pew Center report issued just last week that focused on government restrictions and social hostility against religious groups. What I have noticed about US Christians is that we tend to idealize, or paint an unrealistic picture of the persecuted church in places like China.  Why do we persist in idealizing them?  Why do painful torture, social ostracism, long imprisonments, and, sometimes, often-cruel death lead to rhetorical exaggerations like those behind this story on the number of Christians executed each year for their faith?